SF Series Powerful and affordable LED Grow Light
The SF Series is the perfect choice for budget-conscious growers who still demand high-quality yields.

Why SF Series

The SF Series is a Samsung lm301B and Cost-effective and led grow light for indoor grow tents, grow boxes, and  cabinets. plug & play design, easy to set up.

When you need a powerful light, the SF series is your go-to light fixture, offering a compact and cost-effective option with excellent light penetration. Quantum board led with Samsung LM301B diodes. The dimming daisy chain function can connect several lights together.

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Which Light Is Right For You?

ModelPPEPPFFlower CoverageDimensionGrow Tent CompositionRecommended Fan SizeDimming FunctionDaisy Chain
SF1000D2.5 umol/J199 umol/s2’x2′   12.4*11.02*2.12INCH 70x70cm4-Inch   
SF10002.5 µmol/J230µmol/s2’x2′12.79*11.41*2.32INCH70x70cm4-Inch
SF20002.7 µmol/J524.6µmol/s2’x4′25.51*10.55*2.32INCH 70x140cm4-Inch
SF2000Pro2.7 µmol/J523.9 µmol/s3’x3′16.37*16.37*2.32INCH90x90cm4-Inch
SF40002.7 µmol/J1157.5 µmol/s4’x4′25.51*21.1*1.96INCH120x120cm6-Inch
SF70002.8 µmol/J1786µmol/s5’x5′29*21.96*4.07INCH150x150cm6-Inch