Why Choose SE Series?

Samsung LM301B Diodes: High efficacy of up to 2.9umol/J.

Led Bar Design: Provides full & even canopy/PPFD distribution; Also good for heat dissipation, and can hang close to the plants. Perfect for vertical/commercial growing.

Dimming Daisy Chain: Connect up to several lights together, easy to control. Convenience for commercial growth.

Certificate: With CE, ETL, DLC certificate 

SE3000 & SE4500 & SE5000: Full spectrum, suit for all growth stages. Especially for Seedlings & Veg.

SE7000 & SE1000W: Dimmable Horticulture Commercial Grow Lighting, can work with CO2, perfect for commercial growth, also suit for vertical growing.

Choose One Suitable

SE3000 300W


Diodes: 896 pcs 

PPE: 2.75umol/J

PPF: 880umol/S

BTU: 1023 Btu/h

Light Dimensions: 61x61x7.5cm

Coverage: 70x70cm; 90x90cm

SE4500 430W


Diodes: 1484 pcs 

PPE: 2.75umol/J

PPF: 1208umol/S

BTU: /

Light Dimensions: 115.1x58x9cm

Coverage: 70x140cm; 90x150cm

SE5000 480W


Diodes: 1680 pcs 

PPE: 2.75umol/J

PPF: 1368umol/S

BTU: 1637 Btu/h

Light Dimensions: 86x86x9cm

Coverage: 90x90cm; 120x120cm

SE7000 730W


Diodes: 2688 pcs 

PPE: 2.8umol/J

PPF: 2044umol/S

BTU: 2490 Btu/h

Light Dimensions: 115.1×115.1×7.7cm

Coverage: 120x120cm; 150x150cm



Diodes: 3710 pcs 

PPE: 2.9umol/J

PPF: 2758umol/S

BTU: 3411 Btu/h

Light Dimensions: 115.1×115.1×7.7cm

Coverage: 120x120cm; 150x150cm