1680D Grow Tent​

Spider Farmer grow tent designed to control light and temperature to create the best growth surroundings for your beloved plants. As a reliable indoor growth partner, adopting a unique 1680D thickness Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar for higher durability and light-proofing. You can check your plants effortlessly at any time through the viewing window.

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Thickened Tent Cover

Crafted from triple-layered 1680D Oxford fabric, meticulously engineered to prevent light leakage and resist water, while maximizing light reflection for optimal illumination.

Custom-Crafted Zipper

The zipper head boasts exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring smooth operation, while the shading cloth effectively prevents light leakage.

Stable and Rugged Tent Frame

Strong 16mm poles with good load-bearing capacity. The uniquely designed connectors enhance the stability of the tent structure.

User-Friendly and Handy Design

Enhance the convenience with easy-to-clean removable trays, tool bags for storage, controller hanging ropes, observation windows, and retractable ventilation ports, ensuring seamless usability.